Noteworthy Recoveries, Awards and Settlements

Case Details


Motorcyclist struck by a commercial vehicle and sustained multiple fractures and a crush injury to the lower extremity.

Recovery of $7,500,000.00

Motorist was struck by a box truck and sustained injuries to both the cervical spine and lumbar spine resulting in cervical spine and lumbar fusion surgery.

Recovery of $3,500,000.00

Pedestrian was crushed by a garbage truck resulting in death by exsanguination.

Jury Verdict $2,540,185.00

Pedestrian struck by commercial vehicle sustaining internal injuries resulting in death.

Jury verdict $2,850,000.00

Motorist struck by dump truck suffering lower back injuries necessitating a lumbar spinal fusion.

Recovery at the time of trial $825,000.00

Shopper slipped and fell at a retail store injuring her shoulder which required two surgical repairs.

Recovery of $750,000/00; reduced to $538,125.00 as a result of plaintiff’s comparative negligence

Premises fall down as a result of a pot hole on defendant’s premises. Plaintiff sustained a knee injury resulting in a total knee replacement.

Recovery of $550,000.00

Plaintiff was stopping to make a left turn when defendant rear-ended her car. She has been disabled since and has undergone surgeries for her injuries.

Awarded of $3,500,000.00

Plaintiff decedent was crushed to death in the presence of her daughter. Defendant backed up his truck crushing Plaintiff decedent between the back of his truck and a garbage truck.

The Estate was awarded $500,000.00 from defendant, additional recovery of $1,850,000.00 against the Defendant, Township of West Amwell.