About The Firm

We are a boutique practice and cater to the needs of our clients on an intimate and personal level. As a client you can expect to hear directly from an attorney within a few hours of contacting the office. In the event you call me with a question, I will respond directly to your call. In the event you request a consultation, I will have a discussion with you concerning your particular matter. We will immediately schedule you for a formal consultation and discuss how to effectively represent you in your matter. Consultations are always no charge.

Office Policies and Procedures

We recognize that the cost of legal services is a legitimate concern of our clients. We will be pleased to explain and establish our fee arrangement in advance of being retained so there are no surprises to our clients and no misunderstandings between our clients and our firm. Our fees are based on the type of cases that we handle. Municipal court matters are generally a flat fee inclusive of all disbursements with the exception of expert testimony. Such disbursements include but are not limited to payment for discovery and driver abstract searches.

Contingency fee agreements are generally reserved for personal injury cases. In a contingency fee arrangement, the fee is based on a percentage of the net recovery. The net recovery is the total recovered on the client's behalf, minus the costs and expenses. Pursuant to Rule 4:42-11(b), an attorney must follow certain guidelines. The client can enter into an alternative fee plan whereby the client pays an attorney an hourly rate.

Hourly fee structures are often reserved for situations where there are unknown and potentially complicating factors. Examples of such would include commercial litigation, contested divorces, domestic violence and some criminal defenses. All fee structures are explained fully to the client and in the retainer at the time of hiring.